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 REQUIREMENTS after being an official member of [A+]

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PostSubject: REQUIREMENTS after being an official member of [A+]   Fri May 02, 2008 12:41 am

- When in-game, -CO- should go before your username. (i.e. -CO-Kazeyumi) You have 100 days to change your username.
- In the forums, once you have signed up, the moderators will appoint you to a rank. Once you have obtained a rank, immediately change your username by putting the rank before your username. For example, you get the rank Tenjyu, your username will appear like this: [A+] Username.
- In deciding a username for both in-game and forums, please keep it clean and simple.
- Only the first letter is capitalized while the other letters remain lower-cased.
- Usernames should not start with a number. We would prefer usernames without numbers. However, we will not be firm about it.
- "Swear" usernames are strictly prohibited.
Examples of BAD usernames: SuShInEsS, T@nginAm0, 555hello!
Examples of GOOD usernames: Sushiness, -Helloworld-, Chibi21
- Once you become an official member, you are required to have an appointment with the leader of your respective group. Leaders' usernames are listed at the LEADERS thread. You are to set an appointment with him/her by sending him/her a private message. The leader will then send a reply, verifying that s/he accepts the time and date stated on the message. The leader might also reply with a message telling you to change the date and time because s/he might not be free to play during that time.
- Lastly, try getting along with other members of other groups. The unity of the members is Project A's utmost priority.
- Channel 1, Undaground is our headquarters so it would be better if we would all stay in one place. This will help our club advertise itself to other people for new members. :D

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REQUIREMENTS after being an official member of [A+]
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