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 Applying as a leader of one of the Sections

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PostSubject: Applying as a leader of one of the Sections   Tue May 27, 2008 6:09 pm

Yes. You've seen it right. Project A+ is in highly need of officers to take care of the other members, group by group. For you to also be guided and a group that you can hang on and get to know much better. We highly recommend leader's that are capable of taking care of this club and therefore should be a group that he or she is comfortable and can manage this type of group.


- Make sure u love the type of group you want to recommend on becoming a leader.
- Be sure that you can always be online in both forums and in-game always.
- You must be there with ur group member if ever they are in need of your help.
- Do your best to make ur group well modified and good in the rules and reg.
- There shall be no abusive leadership and must play fair with every group member.
[Remember that us Moderators and Admin's are watching you]

Please fill up this form:

In-game name:
Your e-add contact:
School: [if finished please say Graduated]
Time: [A suitable time that us leaders will come and interview and be with u]

Remember. Once you become a leader, it is your job to make ur forum lively. Any members not from ur list is to be deleted in ur topic and it is ur duty to make the people talk and ur forum lively. Take care of them like your students. Thats all.
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Applying as a leader of one of the Sections
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