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 Who wants to be a Tenmou?

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PostSubject: Who wants to be a Tenmou?   Tue May 27, 2008 6:26 pm

Attention to everyone!

We are highly looking for some1 who can be the Tenmou of this clan. So what is a Tenmou? A Tenmou is next to the leader or what as we call the right hand. We are in need of ONE person that can take that role. A Tenmou takes part of being a good help to the Tenkai or will take the role of the Tenkai whenever he is busy.


- You must have good politeness.
- Make sure you are well concerned of Project A+ and will work within what we require you to do.
- It is highly required that the Tenmou is good on playing Audition.
- It is also highly required that he/she is a nice person.

Please fill out this form:

In-game name:
Your e-add contact:
School: [if finished please say Graduated]
Time: [A suitable time that us leaders will come and interview and be with u]

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Who wants to be a Tenmou?
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