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 Tenritsh! We are in need~

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PostSubject: Tenritsh! We are in need~   Tue May 27, 2008 6:39 pm

Another job opening for everyone! We are needing out Tenritsh, as a messenger of the leader. For those who would like to help out and be the secretary of the leader. Please fill out ur applications here! All you need to do is always be there sharp and always be on and ready to be with the leader if ever he is in need of you, such as taking notes of stuff he wishes to change and work out. You will be the messenger and announcer to other officers.


- Be in contact with the leader everytime.
- Do as what he wishes to give out for u.
- Be there when he is in need of you.
- Obey every words he speaks of.
[Of course, if u really can't come because of big certain reasons that it is an exemption]

Please fill out the form:

In-game name:
Your e-add contact:
School: [if finished please say Graduated]
Time: [A suitable time that us leaders will come and interview and be with u]

Note: We might get 2 people for this job. Goodluck applicants!
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Tenritsh! We are in need~
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