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 Be an Official Project A+ Member Now!

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PostSubject: Be an Official Project A+ Member Now!   Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:10 pm

Now you all might know that Project A+ has a lot of random things that you are too confused to get it. So I decided to give a quick procedure on how to become an official member.

1. Don't EVER forget to check out the rules and reg. before you do anything else. [Rules and Reg. is found at the Forum Index>Forum Rules and Guidelines]

2. First of all you'll have to register to this forums which is located at the upper part of the forums align with the Home, Portal, FAQ etc.

3. Second is that you'll have to go click on the "Application for Becoming A Member" thread. Please follow the application given to you on the picture and post your reply there. Doesn't matter if your account hasn't been activated yet. As long as you just show that u posted ur application and were ready to accept you in on the forums.

4. Don't also forget to check on Project A+'s History.

5. Once you've done with the 4 steps, the Admin's will check out your application and choose what rank you should be put on. You'll know which rank you'll belong if you visit to the Member Rankings thread>Member Groupings. [If you don't get the whole group ranking thing, please visit the "So What Exactly is the function of all the Member Rankings? "]

6. Once they give out your rank, you are to approach and check the [A+]Groups category and go to your perspective group. You will see then an announcement personally coming from the leader in charge of your rank and the thread will be ur semi-group.

7. Your IG name, forum name and your e-games forums name will HAVE to be changed then. Your forum name (on Project A+ site) will be changed to the name you practically want. (Note that it has to be the same name as once you change ur name on IG) So if you already decided your name on IG even before you still cant change ur name, please proceed to the "changing of names" on the Member thread and we'll be the one to change ur name on the forum. As for the changing of names in e-games site. Please change it by yourself. (still eg. [A+]Kii--)

[To know the procedure on how to change ur IG name in the exact way please go to the "REQUIREMENTS after being an official member of [A+]" thread on the Forum Index>Forum Rules and Guidelines]

9. Soon then you'll be given a time where one of the leading staff will interview you on the game and play with you and talk more about stuff. You'll be also requested in a certain time and take pics of your ava for your own siggy.

And there you have it! Just 9 steps to become a complete official member on Project A+!

Please do remember that you have 100 days to change ur IG name before the staff will talk about the matter.

Please also remember that your leader of the perpective rank will be the one to take care of you.

It is your free will to do all the things on the forum then. Welcome to Project A+ [CO]


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Be an Official Project A+ Member Now!
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