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PostSubject: Member Ranks   Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:29 am

Girls Section

Chikyu - Female (has a crush on the staff)

Tenei - Female (strong)

Tensye - Female (lady like)

Chiketsu - Female (beautiful)

Chikatsu - Female (likes strong guys)

Chiraku - Female (singer)

Chikou - Female (shy)

Chisyun - Female (Founder's Assistant)

Chisoku - Female (big sister type)

Chikei - Female (curious)

Chizen - Female (old lady... ^_^)

Chisyu - Female (likes animals)

Chiin - Female (mother type)

Chisou - Female (caring)

Chiaku - Female (tomboy-ish)

Tenki - Female (sporty)

Tenfu - Female (annoying girl)

Tenman - Female (evil girl)

Tenkyu - Female (drinks ...)

Tentai - Female (plays rpg's?!)

Tenjyu - Female (big sister 2 the leader)

Tenken - Female (beautiful elder sister type)

Tenzai - Female (sophisticated woman)

Tensui - Female (bossy but cares)

Tenkoku - Female (caring older lady type)

Tenkou - Female (courageous, mischief maker- tomboi)

Chibun - Female (likes to pick on the leader)

Chijyu - Female (kid)

Chibaku - Female (very nice)

Chitai - Female (quiet)

Chisui - Female (beautiful nerd girl)

Chitatsu - Female (clumsy)

Chima - Female (sexy flirt)

Chifuku - Female (potential leader)

Chiku - Female (cheerful)

Guys Section

Chikou - Male (Kid)

Chemei - Male (Ninja!)

Tenyu - Male (mature - serious)

Tenku - Male (potential leader)

Teni - Male (nice motivator)

Tenbi - Male (killer type)

Chi-yu - Male (big dream)

Chiei - Male (samurai)

Chii - Male (bright n' cheery)

Chibun - Male (full of passion)

Chisei - Male (smart)

Chitou - Male (likes plants)

Chikai - Male (gay)

Chizen - Male (meditates-sleeps-a lot)

Chinbu - Male (brother type)

Chijiku - Male (strong n' sturdy)

Chisa - Male (loves music)

Chibaku - Male (likes animals)

Chikyou - Male (young, shy with crushes)

Chisou - Male (likes to order people around)

Chiri - Male (normal)

Chiii - Male (persocom get it?not yet? robot there we go..)

Chiyou - Male (little brother type)

Chikaku - Male (can cook)

Chichin - Male (silent type)

Chiyu - Male (sneaky)

Chihi - Male (chinese)

Chiko - Male (happy-go-lucky)

Chihei - Male (serious)

Chiken - Male (musician)

Chizoku - Male (copy cat)

Chido - Male (creepy)

Chikei - Male (black)

Chiretsu - Male (cold blooded)

Tengou - Male (serious - low ranked leader)

Tenki - Male (athlete)

Tenman - Male(snobby but cares)

Tenko - Male (brute, lion type)

Chisin - Male (nice guy, cares about animals)

Chiman - Male (funny guy)

Chisyu - Male (chick boi)

Chisatsu - Male (silent)

Chipyu - Male (sneaky, gambles)

Chisu - Male (caring father type)

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